How do I get people to download games?

How do I get people to download games? Aug, 3 2023

Strategizing Your Approach

Let's start at the beginning, friends, where any successful quest begins. I want to emphasize that getting people to download games isn't a simple task. I wonder if Isaac Newton would have had an easier time explaining gravity if it were all a game and if people could download it; maybe not. But it's definitely a scientific process, peppered with a substantial dose of psychology. My Baxter loves playing fetch, enjoys the reward. In similar lines, gamers need a reason to choose your game over tens of thousands out there. I once dabbled in designing a game, motivated by Baxter's enthusiasm (which involved a whole lot of treats for successful fetching) and got ample insights into enticing downloads.

Creating an Engaging Game

Its just like cooking a gourmet dish. Imagine you're Jamie Oliver for a moment. Remember, gamers are foodies in their own right, and they relish a good game experience. The secret lies in creating a game that is engrossing, rewarding enough to facilitate repeat playing, and challenging enough to pique their interest without frustrating them. It’s no different than when Baxter spots a difficult to fetch stick, he looks determined and ready for the challenge. Similarly, games should be equally enticing and rewarding. Balance complexity with fun.

Marketing Your Game

A masterpiece unnoticed is a masterpiece wasted. The Mona Lisa would merely be another painting if it were hidden away in Da Vinci's basement. The same goes for your game. It's crucial that you market it effectively and catch the eye of potential players. Aim for compelling app icons, description and screenshots since they form the first layer of communication for your prospective users. I named my game after Baxter once, got great attention I must say!

Tap into the Power of Social Media

Years back in Liverpool, I remember folks gathering around a piano in a pub for songs and laughs— it was the original social networking venue. In our current digital age, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the new pianos... just quieter. Use these platforms to get your game out there. Engage gamers by sharing sneak peeks, trivia, and level walkthroughs! Makes me wonder how Baxter’s fetching tricks would fare on Instagram!

User Reviews and Updates

If you think making people download games is only about a good start, think again! It's more like becoming an author. Your book (read game here) has to be interesting enough to keep readers (oh sorry, players here) engaged, chapter after chapter. Positive user reviews help the game attract more downloads. Respond to feedback, offer regular updates and bug fixes. I learned a bit 'bout this when training Baxter. Keep adjusting strategies after observing how he responds. Treats always work.

Taking Advantage of Influencer Marketing

In our digital society, where the average person spends an enormous amount of their day consuming media online and on their mobile devices, influencer marketing is an immensely powerful tool. Within the gaming community, influencers can add a significant boost to your game popularity and consequent downloads. Connect with gamers who have a large following on their blogs, YouTube channels, and other social platforms. The impact can be extraordinary. It's like if Baxter were to endorse bone-shaped biscuits, it would definitely boost the sales among his park buddies.

Offering In-App Perks

Back in school, did you ever trade something you had for something you wanted? That's basically the gist of in-app purchases. Offer your gamers power-ups, special abilities, and other attractive in-game benefits that could help them progress or improve the gaming experience. Make your players feel they're getting more than they're spending - that's the key! If Baxter could trade his toys for treats, he would, without a second thought!

Going Global

The beauty of online games is that they can transcend borders! Consider localizing your game in different languages to reach out to a global audience and increase your downloads exponentially. Liverpool or Lithuania, a fun game is a fun game! And it’s kind of like when I took Baxter on a road trip to Scotland; he made friends, despite the bark sounding a bit different!

Remember chaps, strategies to get people to download games are myriad and constantly evolving. Keep a keen eye out, stay flexible, adapt, and experiment regularly. After all, life itself is a great game. As my loyal companion Baxter has taught me, it's all about persistently chasing the fetch stick, enjoying each moment and treat that comes along the way!